Headquarter Contact Info

Important note to students: the proper channel of communication is to please send your message via our online helpdesk.
Our head office staff is not trained to answer students’ inquiries. Based on our experience with online training, we’ve made sure that we have the appropriate support tools in place. In our desire to control costs for our clients, we offer free 24/7/365 online helpdesk but no support by phone.

For corporate sales, administrative and corporate inquiries related to PDUcampus.com, please contact us at:
2915 Ogletown Road, #418
Newark, DE, 19713, U.S.A

call PMCAMPUS.com  1-302-338-8059

FAX PMCAMPUS.com  1-302-338-8059

email sales team PMCAMPUS  sales [at] pmcampus.com

email sales team PMCAMPUS director [at] pducampus.com