Advanced Skills for the Modern Project Manager – Part 5 [10 PDUs]

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This 5th course of our new “Advanced Skills” series for the modern project manager explores challenges related to the interpersonal skills and stakeholders management, project performance and earned value reporting, lessons learned and organizational assets, procurement contract administration and vendor monitoring.


In this course, we will start by studying good practices for applying specific strategies to secure stakeholder support throughout the project. We will continue by examining tools you can use to capture and track your project’s earned value and new practices for project performance measurement. We will review how to best capture, analyze, and manage lessons learned, and use lessons learned management techniques in order to enable continuous improvement. Finally, we will see how to monitor your project’s procurement activities to ensure that they meet the project goals and approaches to procurement with respect to change management.

Distribution of PDUs:

As per PMI Talent Triangle™
• Technical: 2 PDUs
• Leadership 4 PDUs
• Strategic and Business: 4 PDUs
• Total PDUs: 10

Learning Objectives

In this course, students will:

  • Explore ways to bridge the gap between stakeholders with conflicting expectations and use communication methods that facilitate positive stakeholder relationships.
  • Examine strategies to effectively measure and interpret your project performance so that you can assess any variances and take corrective or better yet, preventive actions.
  • Establish objectives for utilizing existing organization assets and adding new lessons learned to the organization assets repository.
  • Enhance their framework for leveraging the appropriate tools and techniques to ensure the project work meets the required quality standards.
  • Enhance their framework for managing the relationship between procurement, project key deliverables, and project needs to provide the right product at the right time.


This course includes the following four topics and challenges:

  • Challenge #1: How will you secure stakeholder support throughout the project?
  • Challenge #2: What framework will you use for assessing project performance?
  • Challenge #3: Let’s look at how best to utilize existing organization assets and add new lessons learned.
  • Challenge #4: How will you monitor vendors to ensure quality and compliance with project goals?.

Learning Activities

This course includes modern instructional approach with short and varied micro learning activities. All activities can be redone as needed to achieve the passing score. Students can download the course certificate (PDF format) as soon as they have completed all activities.

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