Agile Projects Case Studies [10 PDUs]

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Discover the problems facing 3 project teams as they tackle many challenges of delivering value to stakeholders!


Discover the problems facing 3 project teams as they tackle many challenges of delivering value to stakeholders! This new course is articulated around 3 real-world project case studies that will help you develop your own Agile project management knowledge and decision making skills, which you can then apply to real world situations.
At the completion of this course, you will have gained an extensive understanding of Agile success stories from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the FBI and the UK Ministry of Defense cases studies that illustrate Agile adoption using Scrum and DSDM including pros and cons to apply to your future projects.

Distribution of PDUs:

As per PMI Talent Triangle™
• Technical: 6 PDUs
• Leadership 2 PDUs
• Strategic and Business: 2 PDUs
• Total PDUs: 10

Learning Objectives

In this course, students will:

  • Learn about the effective use of Agile in the face of challenges
  • Understand how large mission-critical systems can be implemented using Agile
  • Recognize issues that can arise with rushed Agile implementations
  • Understand how Agile was implemented after multiple attempts at the Waterfall approach
  • Understand the Agile lessons learned with the applied use of DSDM
  • Recognize how Agile best practices can address project issues at different levels
  • Learn how leadership made the difference in Agile adoption and success


  • Unit 1: What Makes an Agile Leadership Success Story
  • Unit 2: Case Study 1 (UK Ministry of Defense)
  • Unit 3: Case Study 2 (US Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Unit 4: Case Study 3 – FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

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