Agile Essentials for The Modern Project Manager Part 1 * Clearance *

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This new series of Agile continuing education courses is intended for project manager professionals who seek to earn PDUs and update their knowledge and skills with incorporating the newest Agile and Scrum methodologies into their repertoire of tools and day-to day practice.


Many organizations are now asking more of Project Managers, beyond traditional approaches. New ways of managing projects in an “Agile” way are in high demand. Are you ready? Is your organization Agile? Are you Agile enough? Do not wait too long to adapt to this fast growing trend. This new series of courses is there for you so you can catch up and make sure you are well prepared with the right set of skills to seize new Agile leadership opportunities and advance your project management career.

At the completion of this course, you will be well prepared to educate your organization, coworkers and customers about Agile and ready to apply a first set of key leadership skills required to successfully implement and support an Agile project management environment.
** * THIS COURSE IS PART OF OUR CLEARANCE SALE  – as of Oct 1/2020 – Will be discontinued EOY – You need to finish you course by Dec 30, 2020, no additional access will be granted for technical reasons.**

Distribution of PDUs:

As per PMI Talent Triangle™
• Technical: 2.5 PDUs
• Leadership 5 PDUs
• Strategic and Business: 2.5 PDUs
• Total PDUs: 10

Learning Objectives

In this course, students will:

  • Learn how the Agile manifesto came into existence and why
  • Explore the 12 Agile principles that support the manifesto
  • Examine a first set of key leadership skills required to be a successful Agilist
  • Develop an understanding regarding how Agile differs from other project management processes, methodologies or frameworks


  • Unit 1: The 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto
  • Unit 2: 1st Agile Leadership Skill: Satisfy customer
  • Unit 3: 2nd Agile Leadership Skill: Harness Change
  • Unit 4: 3rd Agile Leadership Skill: Encourage Incremental implementation

Learning Activities

Departing from traditional tiresome lengthy video lecturing, this new series of Agile Fundamental courses favors instinctive learning that naturally occurs through experiencing new simulated situations and challenges.
Our innovative 7-step learning path will guide you to smoothly incorporate solid foundational knowledge and naturally developing new Agile skills through safe simulation of professional practice using story sharing, case studies, real world examples, selected readings, transformational exercises, self assessment tools, and other engaging learning activities.

Activities designed as evaluation tools require a 70% passing score. All activities can be re-done an unlimited number of times and as needed to obtain the passing score. For most other activities, the system will attribute all points at completion. Students can use self-assessment tools to monitor their progress as they complete activities.

How To Claim Continuing Education PDUs

To claim and report your earned PDUs, go to PMI’S CCRS at Go to “Report PDUs”, select the category “EDUCATION” option “Course or Training” and fill in the form to indicate the course details including the provider and course name, description, and date started/completion. Verify the accuracy of your claim before submitting.

Training Provider

The training certificate is issued by the International Campus For Project Management Education ™ . Keep your certificate in your record as a valid proof that you have completed activities pertaining to PMI CCRS category “EDUCATION” and/or ScrumAlliance category “LEARNING”.

Amount of PDUs and SEUs per Credential

    • Claiming PDU Credits with PMI CCRs for PMI certification renewal
      Our courses provide learning for a diverse set of skills aligned with PMI Talent Triangle®. Category “EDUCATION”. No limit on the amount of PDUs that can be earned per 3-year cycle.
    • Distribution of PDU per skillset as per PMI Talent Triangle® to claim for this course:
      PMI CertificationPDU TechnicalPDU LeadershipBusiness StrategyTotal PDUs
    • Claiming SEU Credits with the ScrumAlliance®
      Students can claim Scrum Educational Units (SEU credits) to maintain/renew their ScrumAlliance® certification – Category “LEARNING”. No limit on the amount of SEUs that can be earned per 2-year cycle.
    • Amount of SEUs to claim for this course:
      SCRUM certificationTotal SEUs
      Foundational (CSM®, CSPO®, CSD®)10
      Advanced (A-CSM®, A-CSPO®)10
      Professional (CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, CSP®)10

Access Included

30 days unlimited online access