Advanced Skills for the Modern Project Manager – Part 4 [10 PDUs]

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This 4th course of our new “Advanced Skills” series for the modern project manager explores challenges related to the optimal engagement of stakeholders, internal and external resources acquisition and performance, cost of quality and flow of communication.


In this course, we will study good practices for managing stakeholders’ expectations and developing an efficient stakeholder management plan to truly engage them. Further on, we will examine different ways of acquiring and managing an effective balance of internal and contracted resources as needs change. Finally, we will look at how you can exercise influence to achieve the desired quality level and ensure effective communication with stakeholders.

Distribution of PDUs:

As per PMI Talent Triangle™
• Technical: 2 PDUs
• Leadership 4 PDUs
• Strategic and Business: 4 PDUs
• Total PDUs: 10

Learning Objectives

In this course, students will:

  • Explore ways to engage your stakeholders up front and recognize factors that indicate your key stakeholders understand the project charter.
  • Consider strategies to identify any hidden agendas your stakeholders may have and manage stakeholders who resist or ignore engagement.
  • Demonstrate skills and abilities to acquire and manage cost-effective and performing project resources that meet project requirements.
  • Enhance their framework for leveraging the appropriate tools and techniques to ensure the project work meets the required quality standards.
  • Increase their awareness of the need for clear communication and consider strategies for keeping stakeholders well informed.


This course includes the following four topics and challenges:

  • Challenge #1: Let’s explore the best ways to engage your project stakeholders
  • Challenge #2: How will you meet your project needs by acquiring cost-effective resources that can perform well together.
  • Challenge #3: How will you ensure the quality management plan is tailored to the project and that quality metrics are understood and achievable?
  • Challenge #4: Let’s look at how you can provide and execute a communications plan that will keep your stakeholders well informed of your project’s status.


Learning Activities

This course includes modern instructional approach with short and varied micro learning activities. All activities can be redone as needed to achieve the passing score. Students can download the course certificate (PDF format) as soon as they have completed all activities.

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